Counsel Stack Practice Assistants

Our team develops and deploys bespoke Practice Assistants that complement your legal practice

Plans that fit your privacy needs

Simple, transparent pricing.

Web-Based Practice Assistant

$1000 / month / user
Requires internet connection
Web authentication
Customized to your legal practice
Legal Lead add-ons
Data stored in browser cache (very secure)
250 MB file size (about 150,000 pages)
One license per user
Clio, Google Doc, Word, DocuSign integrations
Phone and email support
Streaming enabled
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On-Prem Practice Assistant

Most Secure
Works without internet connection
Air-gapped computer with local Llama 2 or Mistral
Customized to your legal practice
Legal Lead add-ons
Data never leaves computer (most secure)
16+ GB file size limit (about 8,000,000 pages)
No license per user
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 or 40 Series GPU
Account manager and complete installation
Streaming enabled
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Fine-Tuned for Law

Specifically engineered AI for the legal industry, enhancing research and analysis accuracy.

Conversational Interface

Research and interact with legal documents through natural language queries.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Robust security protocols safeguard your data with the utmost confidentiality and compliance.
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Practice Assistants FAQs
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What makes Counsel Stack different from other AI legal tools?
Each practice and case is unique.

We understand that. So we develop bespoke AI solutions that are grounded in relevant data for your practice and cases, unlike generalist tools that cater to broader markets.
How does Counsel Stack help in reducing costs?
By providing white-labeled AI apps, Counsel Stack eliminates the need for expensive AI engineers and prevents revenue loss from attorneys diverted to tech projects.
Can Counsel Stack be tailored to specific practice areas?
Absolutely. Whether it's family law, criminal law, or any other area, Counsel Stack can customize an application or automation to meet the unique needs of your practice.
How does Counsel Stack compare to Lexis and Westlaw?
Unlike these platforms that offer generic, nationwide resources, Counsel Stack provides targeted, relevant legal information, eliminating unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.
Is Counsel Stack suitable for small to medium-sized law firms?
Yes, Counsel Stack is ideal for firms of all sizes, offering scalable, cost-effective AI solutions that level the playing field.

Key benefits include cost savings, customization to specific legal areas, streamlined legal research and drafting, and a focus on relevant data, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

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