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Transforming Lawyers from Paperwork Managers to Community Builders

Built by and for legal professionals, Counsel Stack helps your law firm increase the value and reduce the complexity of enterprise AI.

What We Do

(1) Counsel Stack Suite

Don't know where to start?

The Counsel Stack suite is our hosted platform exclusively built for legal enterprise. Create and manage custom legal agent templates. Select from our library or upload your own documents. Share agent templates with your colleagues or keep them for private use. Custom domain, password protection, and model agnostic options are available.

We never use your data for model training or share it with other firms.

(2) Counsel Stack Managed AI

Already have an AI solution in mind?

Counsel Stack specializes in prompt engineering, custom tools, ethics training, and robust policy frameworks so your usage is efficient, standardized, and current. We help you develop and implement leading solutions including Azure AI, Microsoft Copilot, Power Virtual Agents, Google Vertex, and more.

(3) Open Source LLMs

Interested in deploying open source LLMs like Mistral or Llama2 for more control? Contact us to learn more.
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How We Do It

Our process unfolds in four key stages, each mirroring a crucial phase of legal procedure.
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Before we dive into the build, we sit with you to understand your unique needs, your firm's personality, and your legal tech aspirations. Think of it as filing the initial complaint or answer, but in this case, it's all about setting clear goals and expectations for your AI solutions.


In the discovery phase, we delve deep into your firm's existing technology, processes, and pain points. Much like legal discovery, we leave no stone unturned, gathering any data you need to craft an AI strategy that fits like a well-tailored legal brief.


We then proceed to the trial phase, where our custom AI solutions are put to the test. Our technology goes through rigorous examinations and cross-examinations to ensure it's ready to take the stand. The verdict? A seamless integration of AI that stands up to strict scrutiny.


The legal process doesn't always end at trial, and neither does our commitment to you. The appeal phase is about revision, reassessment, and ongoing support. It's our way of ensuring that our AI solutions continue to serve you effectively, long after the initial judgment.

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