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Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can try the Prothonotaries Platform for free for a limited time. Contact our team directly for a discount code or subscribe for $49/month.
Do you create custom platforms?
Of course. With Counsel Stack bespoke, we work directly with your team to understand your practice area, obtain the relevant data, and create a custom platform for your practice.

And our pricing scales with your company.
Where do you get the data?
We gather public data from a variety of sources including statutes, rules, regulations, and cases. These sources form the brain stem of the platform which are augmented by additional practice-specific resources.
Can I add my own data?
Yes, you can add your own data to Counsel Stack.

We never train a language model on your work product or sensitive documents. We never sell your data or share your data with other law firms. We claim no ownership over the output of the Counsel Stack platform it's yours.

We also offer language models that can operate without internet, and are stored locally on your device.
Do you offer open-source models?
Yes, we use a combination of open-source language models and proprietary language models in Counsel Stack.

Upon request, we can build on-prem solutions that are isolated on your device.
Why did your form Counsel Stack?
We formed Counsel Stack to transform lawyers from paperwork managers into community builders.

Legal professionals possess the knowledge and skills to be powerful agents of change in their communities. But the sheer volume of administrative tasks and paperwork often impedes our potential.

Counsel Stack addresses this imbalance, allowing lawyers to focus on strategy and client relationships.

Who founded Counsel Stack?
Von Wooding, JD and Jameson Mascara formed Counsel Stack. Von focuses focuses on applied legal data analytics and product management while Jameson focuses on enterprise implementation and security.
What does Counsel Stack mean?
Counsel the noun refers to a lawyer or advisor. Counsel the verb refers to a well-intentioned offering of guidance or mentorship.

A technology stack refers to the combination of softwares and hardware used to build an application.

Accordingly, Counsel Stack is a platform comprising language models and software tools, constructed to assist lawyers, law firms, and in-house counsel.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand things change. You can cancel your subscription anytime.
How do I learn more?
To learn more, visit blog.counselstack.com. To request for a custom Counsel Stack for your practice area, fill out the form below. All other inquiries please email ai@counselstack.com.

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