Counsel Stack Web Services

Counsel Stack website services include website management, intake widget, client portal, design improvements, website audit and accessibility remediation, 4 articles per month, hosting, domain, and 14 social media posts.

We work with premier web design tools to ensure your clients can reach you digitally.

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Figma Prototype

We design wireframes of your proposed website so you can see what it looks like before you commit to a full build.

Intake Widgets

We develop custom intake widgets that convert online leads into qualified clients so you can benefit from all web traffic to your site.

Client Portals

We implement secure client portals for payment and document uploads, and so you can easily correspond with your new clients.
Web Services FAQs
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What is a Figma prototype, and how does it help in the design of my law firm's website?

A Figma prototype is a preliminary visual representation of your law firm's website, designed to show you how it will look before committing to a full build.

This approach allows for adjustments and refinements based on your feedback, ensuring the final website aligns perfectly with your vision and requirements.

How do custom intake widgets on my website convert online leads into qualified clients?

Custom intake widgets are specially designed tools that we develop for your website to streamline the process of capturing information from potential clients visiting your site. These widgets facilitate a smooth, user-friendly experience, allowing visitors to easily provide their details.

This not only increases the chances of converting online traffic into qualified leads but also optimizes your intake process for efficiency and effectiveness.

Can you explain how secure client portals work and their benefits for my law firm?

Secure client portals are private spaces integrated into your law firm's website where clients can safely make payments, upload documents, and communicate with you. These portals provide a convenient and secure way for clients to engage with your firm, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

Additionally, they streamline your firm's operations, reducing the need for physical document handling and in-person payments, and improving overall efficiency.

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