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The Office of the Federal Register (OFR) prepares and publishes a wide variety of public documents. Upon issuance, acts of Congress are published in slip law (pamphlet) form and then cumulated and published for each session of Congress in the United States Statutes at Large. Each Federal workday, the OFR publishes the Federal Register, which contains current Presidential proclamations and Executive orders, Federal agency regulations having general applicability and legal effect, proposed agency rules, and documents required by statute to be published. All Federal regulations in force are codified annually in the Code of Federal Regulations. Presidential speeches, news conferences, messages, and other materials released by the White House Office of the Press Secretary are published online in the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents and annually in the Public Papers of the Presidents. The United States Government Manual,published annually, serves as the official handbook of the Federal Government, providing extensive information on the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.

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