National Technical Information Service

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The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) operates a central clearinghouse of scientific and technical information that is useful to U. S. business and industry. NTIS collects scientific and technical information; catalogs, abstracts, indexes, and permanently archives the information; disseminates products in the forms and formats most useful to its customers; develops electronic and other media to disseminate information; and provides information processing services to other Federal agencies. NTIS receives no appropriations. Its revenue comes from two sources: the sale of technical reports to business and industry, schools and universities, State and local government offices, and the public at large and from services to Federal agencies that help them communicate more effectively with their employees and constituents. The NTIS collection of approximately 2. 5 million works covers a broad array of subjects and includes reports on the results of research and development and scientific studies on manufacturing processes, current events, and foreign and domestic trade; business and management studies; social, economic, and trade statistics; computer software and databases; health care reports, manuals, and data; environmental handbooks, regulations, economic studies, and applied technologies; directories to Federal laboratory and technical resources; and global competitive intelligence. The collection also includes audiovisual training materials in such areas as foreign languages, workplace safety and health, law enforcement, and fire services.

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