Universal Bar Examination (UBE) Score Transfer Guide


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3 years

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Admission By UBE Transfer to Minnesota

Understanding the UBE

The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) is a standardized bar examination designed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). It is composed of three parts: the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), and the Multistate Performance Test (MPT). The UBE is administered over two days and is designed to test knowledge and skills that every lawyer should have before becoming licensed to practice law. The UBE score is portable, meaning it can be transferred to other UBE jurisdictions, subject to each jurisdiction's specific rules and requirements.

Minimum UBE Score Accepted in Minnesota

Minnesota sets a benchmark for UBE score transfers to ensure that only candidates who meet a certain level of competency are admitted to practice. The minimum UBE score required for admission by transfer in Minnesota is 260. This score is a cumulative total, reflecting an applicant's proficiency across all sections of the UBE, including the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), and Multistate Performance Test (MPT).

For more detailed information, refer to the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners: Application Checklist: Admission by Transfer of UBE Score (Rule 7C).

Time Limit for UBE Score Transfers to Minnesota

Timing is crucial when transferring UBE scores. Minnesota stipulates that UBE scores must be transferred within three years (36 months) of the test date. This three-year window ensures that the knowledge assessed remains current and relevant to modern legal practice. Applicants who attempt to transfer scores beyond this period may need to retake the UBE or explore alternative admission routes.

For an overview of UBE score portability, visit the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE): Transferring Your UBE Scores.

Detailed information can be found in the Minnesota rules for admission without examination: Rule 7 - Admission Without Examination, Minn. R. Bar. Admi. 7.

Essential Resources

  • Minnesota Board of Law Examiners: Provides comprehensive resources for admission by transfer of UBE scores, including application checklists and jurisdiction-specific requirements. Official Website
  • National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE): Offers detailed information on the UBE, including score portability and transferring scores between jurisdictions. NCBE UBE Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Minnesota accept transferred UBE scores?

Yes, Minnesota accepts UBE scores transferred from other jurisdictions, provided they meet the minimum score requirement of 260 and are transferred within 36 months of the exam date.

Do I have to retake the bar exam if I move to Minnesota?

If you have a UBE score of 260 or higher obtained within the last 36 months, you may not need to retake the bar exam. You will, however, need to complete the jurisdiction-specific component for Minnesota.

What is the UBE score for Minnesota?

The required UBE score for admission by transfer to Minnesota is 260.

Does Minnesota allow admittance without examination?

Minnesota allows admission without examination through the transfer of a qualifying UBE score, subject to specific conditions including a jurisdiction-specific component.

Transferring your UBE score to Minnesota is a viable route to becoming licensed to practice law in the state, provided you meet the specific criteria set forth by the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners.

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