U. S. Trade Deficit Review Commission

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The U. S. Trade Deficit Review Commission (TDRC) was created in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill signed into law on October 21, 1998 (19 U. S. C. 2213). The TDRC was officially constituted and organized in August 1999. The Commission was composed of 12 members appointed by the leadership of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Through a series of hearings and briefing sessions the TDRC took testimony from business, government, labor, NGOs and academics and commissioned a number of studies to respond to its Congressional mandate. The Commission’s purpose was to study the nature, causes, and consequences of the United States merchandise trade and current account deficits. On November 14, 2000, a report on findings and recommendations of the Commission was issued. __________ Source: https://govinfo. library. unt. edu/tdrc/index. html.

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